A Farmer Network, working to support small and beginning family farmers in maui nui.

The Maui Family Farmer Training Network is an organization aiming to foster solidarity among family farmers and gardeners through engaging in integrative education, inclusive hands-on farm help days, and connection to others in our community committed to regenerative agricultural abundance. We envision a Maui which is food secure through a strongly woven network of family farm agricultural producers. We provide Farm Support Services, Farmer Navigational Coaching, a Shared Tool Library, and hold regular online Educational Sessions on a variety of topics.

Farmer Networking In Action

Our Farmer Network encompasses all levels of participants no matter where you’re starting or how far you want to go, from utter beginners to those seeking high levels of mastery in specialized niches.

Apply for Navigational Coaching of the Maui Farmer Network

Navigational Coaching will provide you the focused time, support and guidance you need to move forward with your Maui farming goals. We have the connections in the industry, the know-how, and we’re here to help you make it happen!

This program is ongoing, running through December 2024.

Funding for Navigational Farmer Coaching is provided in part by the County of Maui Office of Economic Development. This funding is designated for permanent maui farmers.


Open to permanent Maui residents

Must have some experience farming, we donʻt teach the basics too much

Small, regenerative farming operations

Must have annual income of less than $60k ($150k couple)

“This is my 2nd time working with Georgia and Dr. Phyllis in a Farm coaching program. They are so wonderful and have helped me SO much that I came back for more! They have helped me and continue to help me take my farm operations to the next level! They really care about the people they work with and have a strong passion for the ‘āina and helping to educate and guide us to steward this sacred land. I cannot begin to express my appreciation to these amazing humans!”

Dr. Janine Holstein, Maui Majesty Farms