Maui Farmer Network Tool Library
LARGE SIZE CHIPPER available to support Ag Producers

Farming, especially on an island like Maui, requires a wide array of tools and equipment which can be both costly and space-consuming for individual farmers. Our Tool Library addresses this challenge by providing a collection of farming tools and equipment available for usage and borrowing. This project reduces the financial strain on individual farmers and fosters a spirit of sharing and mutual support within our community. By pooling resources, farmers can experiment with different tools, reduce redundant purchases, and minimize their environmental impact. The Tool Library strengthens the bond of the Maui farming community, as we work to ensure that everyone has access to the tools they need to nourish the land and feed our island’s residents.

Funded in part by the Atherton Family Foundation
With fiscal sponsorship from Maui United Way.
With the ongoing support and partnership from Food Security Hawaii

“That was a full on experience (having the wood chipper on farm). Everyone in the ʻhood got their stuff chipped.
We are stoked and exhausted. Thank you for sending your crew.
It was a learning experience, but altogether a great experience, as wood chipper days go.
Both your crew members were beyond awesome. The machine (chipper) operator was totally competent, and yet so totally easy-going and relaxed, and willing to work with us and our needs.”

Need Wood chips? Have Trees? Feed Your Soil!

Wood chips decompose over time, and become a beautiful, dark, rich mulch material. This mulch enriches your soil with nutrients. By adding wood chips, you reduce evaporation from your soil, which lowers water usage. Wood chips also prevent soil erosion and suppress weeds, all while giving your plants and trees what they really need.

Usage Fee: $350 to come to your farm. This includes the transport, operator, insurance, and fuel, and TWO HOURS of chipping. Each additional hour is $100 billed in full hour increments.

FYI – we offer chipping services between the hours of 9am to 3pm. Not earlier, and not later than that.

Payment is via CHECK or Venmo @mauifarmernetwork.

Other Shared Tools to be available soon!

Maui Farmer Network is SO HAPPY to announce we have secured a FARM YARD for operations of this project.

Opening soon – expected APRIL 2024.

Want to learn how to maintain and repair your tools? We will be offering Tool Maintenance and Repair support workshops at our Farm Yard. Beginning Summer 2024.

We have a Tire Bead Setter. Did you tire come off your tractor? We can come to your farm and put it back on… saving you the time and effort of getting the tire off and taking it to Kahului for repairs.

In addition to the wood chipper and the tire bead setter, we will soon have: Trencher, Tiller, Basic Fencing Tool Kit, Air compressors, Jang seeder and all attachments, and more!

GOAL for 2025: to purchase a mini-excavator for the small regenerative farming community here on Maui.

Contact us at or call 808-866-8194 to learn how you can get involved and utilize and support this TOOL LIBRARY PROJECT.