Companion Plants Hawai’i

Dedicated to connecting people with the ‘aina (land) through sustainable planting

Aloha, we invite you to experience the beauty of sustainable agriculture on the North shore of Maui. Companion Plants Hawai’i is based in Haiku, Maui and is locally owned and operated. Come taste and learn about the exotic tropical foods of Hawai’i. At CPH we offer a variety of immersive educational farm tours and workshops that showcase a collection of amazing plants cultivated in the Hawaiian Islands. CPH utilizes permaculture and agroforestry techniques for food production and propagation. CPH has a focus on the food-plants brought by Polynesian settlers also known as “Canoe Crops”

Farm Tours

Learn and enjoy the experience of harvesting and farm-to-table tastings of coconuts, sugarcane, and other tropical fruits in our Maui farm tours.

Troupical Farm Tour & Tasting

Come enjoy hands on learning about permaculture farming in Maui, Hawai’i. See how several plants grow and work together synergistically in a natural setting. Learn how to propagate and harvest the plants you are interested in growing on your farm. Experience the many roles each of the plants and the significance of optimal plant spacing and integrative planting. Take home clean plants from each workshop ready to grow.