Farmer Navigational Coaching

Navigational Coaching will provide you the focused time, support and guidance you need to move forward with your Maui farming goals. We have the connections in the industry, the know-how, and weʻre here to help you make it happen! Programming is ONGOING. Apply anytime, Begin anytime.

Funding for Navigational Farmer Coaching is provided in part by the Maui County Department of Agriculture. This funding is designated for permanent Maui farmers.

1. Open to permanent Maui residents who have been farming on Maui for 3+ years.
2. Must have some experience farming (We don’t teach the basics, but will refer you to those who can support you in this area)
3. Must be small, regenerative, non-chemical farming operations
4. Must have annual income of less than $60k ($150k couple)

If you do not meet this criteria, and you would like coaching services, this is possible. We charge $75 an hour, billed in 2 hour increments.


Annual Membership

Name a price that works for you, JOIN the network, and enjoy!
This is a “Name Your Price” annual membership to the Maui Farmer Network (MFN). We recommend $150, $200, or more. It’s up to each Farmer to determine the exact amount thatʻs right for their farm.

This membership fee goes 100% to helping MFN offset administrative functions and costs that are NOT covered by our grants.

Annual membership includes 1/2 hour of Farmer Navigational Coaching, Online Educational Sessions, Person-to-Person Farmer Networking Events, and access to our shared Tool Library. For additional Navigational Coaching please complete the NAVIGATIONAL COACHING application (see below).

You can pay for membership using the link below, or through VENMO @mauifarmernetwork

*Your membership fee is not tax deductible.
*This is an annual membership.
*We offer scholarships to those who need support.