• Annual Membership

    The “Name Your Price” annual membership to the Maui Family Farmer Training Network Name a price that works for you, JOIN the network, and enjoy! We recommend $150, $200, or more. It's up to each Farmer to determine the exact amount that's right for their farm. PRODUCT / DESCRIPTION / SERVICE: Currently providing Farmer Navigational Coaching, Online Educational Sessions, and Person-to-Person Farmer Networking Events. Now creating a Tool Library, opening fall 2022.
    • We offer scholarships to those who need support, please ask if you feel the need
    • Your membership fee is not tax deductible.
    • This is an annual membership.
  • Coaching Services

    Farmer Coaching Offers:
    • Guidance
      • Farm Vision, Mission, Focus, Purpose
      • Boots on the Ground: Design, Implementation, Infrastructure improvements
      • Are you looking to purchase Your Own Farm? We can help!
      • Relationships - cultivate emotional intelligence with farm team, neighbors, partners
    • Business
      • Improving tracking methods, records, projections
      • Insurances, permits, partnerships, certifications, DCCA, DLIR, DOT and more
      • Funding opportunities to advance your farm
      • Are you interested in Ag-Tourism? We can Help!
      • Ag Policy - learn how to express your farmer self to your elected Representatives
    • Skills
      • Connect with Skilled Workers you need for specialized tasks on the farm such as heavy equipment or construction needs.
      • Locate needed Farm Resources like wood chips, fencing materials, etc.
    PRICING: $150 for INITIAL SESSION with Georgia and Dr. Phyllis to determine how we can best support your farming and food production goals. This session will be held on Zoom. Duration: 1.5 hours. During this time, we will discuss and identify your needs, goals, and immediate action items. If this time feels productive, you are encouraged to sign up for ongoing Navigational Coaching. Session rate: $80 / session Farmer Coaching Services
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